Plus Size Fashion Tips from Todd

We’ve heard it’s the hap-hap-happiest time of the year. But as we prepare for the holidays we find ourselves pulled in too many directions. Women often spend time and energy thinking of others and doing whatever it takes to make sure all is merry and bright.

But it’s also party time. Special occasions call for special attention to how we look. Whether it’s in a home office or a corner office, we dress each day for work. And there are social events of every description—from the children’s holiday pageant to the corporate soirée. Each occasion brings with it choices along with the need for appropriate attention to detail. For the woman with a plus size figure, those details play an important part in getting it right.

Women of all shapes and sizes want to look and feel good. Here we’re giving you practical advice. The goal is to feel fabulous! With a little guidance and a few timeless pieces, most women can dress with confidence for any occasion.



  • Smooth Sailing--First things first. Shapewear. What goes on first can make or break you. The proper foundation garments offer support and the comfort of knowing you’re all tucked in. Be sure your budget allows for these necessities. Then follow manufacturers’ instructions in order to properly care for your foundations.
  • Standing the Test of Time--Some women want to go all out for a chic party dress. If you want to do that—go for it! Many shoppers, however, would prefer to choose an “item piece,” to pair with black dress pants or a skirt. This is another stylish decision and you’ll find some delicious choices on our website. Look to the classics to stretch your wardrobe. Then you can shop by shape to find a dressy plus size jacket, a smashing cape or the perfect tunic. Put on your strappy sandals and make a bold statement in a wired-collar jacket. Look for distinctive details like oversized buttons, piping or vivid colors. Consider the timeless tunic. It can be belted to show off your hourglass figure or worn straight to hide trouble spots. Classic pieces stretch your wardrobe and make choosing an outfit so much easier. Statement pieces and accessories add pizzazz!
  • Making it Fit--Garments tailored to fit are the most flattering. No matter your size or shape there will often be fit challenges. Your seamstress should be your BFF.
  • Putting it all together—Know your body type. Shop by shape to flatter your curves and accentuate your best features. Work those accessories! They can steal the show, if that’s what you’re after. For example, a pear shaped woman can shift focus to her face with the right jewelry. A beautiful bracelet can balance a reverse triangle by drawing attention to the wrist.
  • Smile! Be confident! When you feel fabulous you know you’ve probably made the right choices.