Meet Todd, Plus Size Guru


“You tell him (Todd) what you're looking for, he takes one look at you and goes straight to the rack and finds what you looked at twice and didn't think would look good on you. You try it on and…Voila!”

“Todd is always very attentive. He seems to know what looks good on me. He gets me to think outside my comfort zone.”

“Todd is the reason that I visited the store. Within minutes, he had several pieces that were "me." He has an eye for fashion.” 

Todd Albaum - The Man Behind Every Stylish Plus Size Woman

Todd Albaum is the plus size guru women go to, to look and feel fabulous every day. As the creator of Scarlett Plus Size Boutique in Charlotte, North Carolina and a custom clothing designer, he works closely with women to educate and help them determine their unique personal style while overcoming their fit challenges. Whether in the boutique, on the runway, or online, he proves that full figures can, and do look beautiful when you know how to dress for your shape.

Fashion is in Todd’s DNA. A former student at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, his creativity blossomed as he learned about colors, fabrics and cuts. His fanaticism for style and keen décor was clear in both his wardrobe and his home, yet it was not until a trip to Italy that it grew into something more. There, Todd rediscovered his love of fashion and design. Today, he specializes in creating custom clothing that opens the door of imagination, putting smiles on the faces of many for a special occasion or everyday wear.

Todd offers a refreshingly new perspective to the plus size fashion industry and the women he supports. With an unbiased, relaxed approach, he makes women feel instantly comfortable. Todd’s talent for showing plus size women how to step outside of themselves and embrace who they are on the outside as well as the inside, has made a difference in the lives of many. “When the barriers come down, there’s nothing we can’t do!” says Todd.

Fast Facts:

  • Plus Size Fashion Educator & Advocate
  • Custom Clothing Designer (for all sizes)
  • Creator/Owner of Scarlett Plus Size Boutique, in Charlotte, NC
  • Exotic Car Enthusiast
  • Dog Lover!