Dress For Your Shape

Dress for the Apple Shape

Every “body” has a fit challenge. You can minimize your mid-section by choosing tops and jackets that skim over the tummy. A deep V-neck brings attention to your face and provides a canvas for eye-catching jewelry such as long strands of chains or beads. Avoid short jackets in favor of tunic styles that hit mid-thigh. Play up your assets. If you have great legs, hike up that hem and put on fabulous flats or sexy stilettos.

Dress for the Pear Shape

It’s all about the balance. Pull the focus up towards your face and shoulders to create a balanced shape. Semi-fitted jackets, cowl or ruffled necklines and well-placed scarves broaden your shoulders. You’re able to wear chunky necklaces and over-sized earrings. Steer clear of jackets and tops that stop at the hip. Go for a longer look with monochromatic color schemes or sophisticated solids. You’ll look best in A-line skirts and pants with a wide leg. Dark colors below the waist keep the emphasis on your upper body

Dress for the Hourglass Shape

Your shape has natural balance. Show off your waistline and enjoy that enviable figure. Keep the lines clean and uncomplicated. Open or deep V necklines accommodate jewelry or scarves. Belts, bracelet-length sleeves, and peplum jackets are all on the menu. If you’re tall, you can wear long capes and fringed ponchos. Proportion and fit make for an overall appearance that’s stunning.

Dress for the Rectangle Shape

Women with rectangular shapes just want to create curves. You don’t have to minimize any particular part of your body so you can concentrate on looking lean. Use color to your advantage. Choose styles that create a waistline—like a pair of slacks and a dressy jacket in contrasting colors. Anything that adds height will be a good choice. Keep your scarves and jewelry long. Wear a V-neck or try an asymmetrical hemline to create interest.

Dress for the Reverse Triangle Shape

Wide-leg pants, maxi dresses, and jackets with interesting hemlines are a hit when you want to emphasize your lower body. You’re the girl who can rock a pair chic boots with cargo pants. Or try opaque tights with sexy flats and a long tunic. Swing-back jackets, draping lapels and asymmetrical cuts keep you properly proportioned.