Personal Style

Posted: Jun 23 2015


Fiction: Well-dressed women are born with a sense of style.

Fact: With a little guidance and a few timeless pieces, most women can dress with confidence for any occasion.

Personal style is the way you speak to the world without words. Occasionally even the best of us gets tongue-tied. Whether it’s dressing for work or pulling out all the stops for a charity gala, choosing our clothes and accessories can sometimes be stressful.

Does the plus-size woman find her closet even more challenging? Some may say no; but many would tend to agree that it’s not so easy finding stylish fashions for full figures. These days we may see more references to the “big is beautiful” school thought, but we’re also dealing with reality--women’s clothing, for the most part, is designed for and modeled bythe ultra-thin.

How does this fact of life impact our shopping habits? Department stores often carry a sad selection of plus-size pieces with an abundance of double-knit in thecookie-cutter collection. How can we look our best? How can we even come out of the fitting room!

There is progress on some fronts—particularly for younger shoppers. Some department stores have added a junior-plus collection with a stylish, youthful vibe. But for those of us who prefer to keep our midriff covered and would rather our clothes not scream, “look at me” the choices are still somewhat limited.

Here at we play to a different audience.  The seasoned, sophisticated woman who has developed her own sense of style will find a variety of on-trend pieces.Pair these with basic black slacks to create outfits with a definite wow factor. Use our Shop-by-Shape feature to find styles that flatter your unique shape. Be yourself—be beautiful!


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