Leather Chic

Posted: Nov 15 2014

This fall, Leather has made a comeback in a powerful, yet sophisticated way.  You can find pieces in pants, tops, skirts, dresses, and even shorts.  This post will be about wearing leather in the most fabulous way and will also give you some tips on what to steer clear of.

The Leather Skirt – If you are adding leather to your wardrobe a leather skirt is one of those key pieces that will really complete your closet.  Cuts to look out for are the pencil skirt and the flare skirt.  Watch your hemlines, as well. A bad hemline can turn your sophisticated intentions into a biker girl image in a split second.  Make sure your hemline is at least to the knee, preferably right below the knee.  Well placed hemlines on any skirt are an easy way to add a touch of class.  Tip: Don’t be afraid to go faux.  There has been so much progress in the look and feel of faux leather.  Pick just the right faux and it could almost pass for the real thing.  When choosing faux, look for leather with less shine and that is thick to touch.  This will help you choose the most expensive looking faux.

The Leather Pants – These are tricky. Surprisingly many are offered in quite a few places, such as DKNY and Lane Bryant.  Pants for plus size are a hard fit, but leather pants for plus size are almost impossible.  Retailers came up with putting leather in the front and a stretch jersey (think leggings) in the back.  This makes wearing leather pants easy.  Leather pants are not for the fashion faint at heart, wearing leather pants will take you into style stardom.  Pair with a blazer and pumps for that commanding look.

The Leather Top – Leather tops have been popping up everywhere and I think they are an excellent option for those who want to participate in the leather trend, but just want to get their feet wet and not dive all the way in.  Peplum tops are a perfect way to explore this option with little commitment and all the style.

While choosing the perfect leather frock, remember a few things.  Steer clear of loud leather colors.  It’s great for shoes, but when it comes to clothes it can look a bit cheesy.  When choosing colored leather, pick rich tones such as burgundy, midnight blue, and a deep plum.  A leather piece can be an investment that you will wear for years to come.  Learn how to care properly, so that it’s worth the investment.  Leather from head to toe is a “no no,” unless you are in a biker gang.  There is such a thing of too much of a good thing.  Unfortunately, that is our time again.  Until our next fashion topic…stay stylish.


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