Is it Velvet?

Posted: Dec 01 2014

Velvet is one of my favorite holiday fabrics and it’s the appropriate time to wear it.  Velvet, although a classic fabric, should generally be reserved for the fall season.  The beautiful plush fabric speaks of luxury, class, and style, but doesn’t necessarily have the price tag to match.  Who doesn’t want to look expensive for less?  Let’s dive into the indulgent world of velvet.

The classic velvet dress always seems like the easiest way to go when wearing velvet, but it’s definitely not the only option.  There are so many other choicesthat can be added into one’s wardrobe.  A velvet blazer is a beautiful choice that can be worn to both the office and out on a night on the town.  A pair of velveteen pants would also be fabulous for body types with smaller legs, such as the apple, rectangle, and inverted triangle.  Although other body types may wear them, the nature of the fabric would cause damage to pants on the inside thigh when body types with prominent legs, because of friction.  I suggest skirts for the hourglass and pear shapes.

When it comes to velvet accessories, jewel tones are king.  That’s where you will get your most luxurious looks.  Black isn’t the only color to choose from.  Beautiful Bordeaux, a rich sapphire blue, or ravishing ruby red will all get you noticed and have you resembling royalty.  Steer clear of colors that can make the fabric look tawdry, such as, pinks, yellows, and pastel blues.  Such colors generally happen in the velour casual suits.   Just don’t do it!

Forget about blue suede shoes, what about blue velvet shoes?  Accessories are the solution to seamlessly incorporate the plush fabric.  Scarves with unique pattern and lush texture are sure to make an ensemble both stunning and interesting.  A velvet clutch would definitely set off that holiday soiree look.  You can even sneak in a velvet bow tie for your guy for that perfect party touch.  Everyone deserves to get in on this fabulous fabric.

The key to wearing this fabric exquisitely is to, regardless of cost, to make it look luxurious.  Velvet can go wrong really fast.  The more plush the fabric is, the richer it looks.  Steer clear of crushed velvet and velour track suits.  These particular looks make it difficult to achieve that sophisticated polished look.

That is our time again for this week.  Next week we will be talking about picking that perfect holiday dress.  Until next time…stay stylish!


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